EDER EDDS-2 : Revolutionary Drawing Die Marking- Identification- and Administration System

Today, in modern wire drawing mills and cable plants, particularly those with multiline wire drawing machines, various ten of housands of costly diamond-/PCD die-tools are in permanent use.


At present, the following specific die-tool data , such as:
a) property data: e.g. manufacturer, fabrication number, die-geometry, bore-size diameter, die-tool material, delivery date etc. and
b) performance data: e.g. time and endurance of application, number of repairs, usages with new bore-sizes, amount of drawn wire materials, other information etc. are mainly to be collected and registered by means of time consuming bureaucratic procedures, considerable involvement of personnel and paperwork required only and often such important data hardly ever are within immediate reach when needed.


EDER Engineering-Austria, a 65years old family-owned specialist company, pioneer in PCD wire drawing die-tools and technical leader in die processing equipment, have recently developed the "EDDS-2" system, and successfully demonstrated it at the recent WIRE 2012 in Düsseldorf to both producers and users of drawing dies. It is a unique and practical invention for replacing the present number digit engraving and to end the hitherto necessary circumstantial and mainly manually done registration of important property and performance die-tool data.



This new "EDDS-2 system" allows to mark a small specific and continuously individual numeric alpha DataMatrix code firmly onto steel casings of the relevant die-tools in a couple of seconds and with high precision.



This individual DataMatrix code can easily get scanned, read-out and transferred to a special software, then referring to this specific individual die-tool only. All property and performance data of the relevant die (e.g. manufacturer / fabrication number/ die-material/ die-geometry/ initial bore-size/ delivery date / start of using the die/ tonnages of drawn wire achieved/ refurbishments/ renewed use with a new bore-size/ additional remarks etc.) then can get easily written into this special software to needs and read-out and administrated to any extent and at any time required.



The entire "EDDS-2 system" comprises the specially developed software that runs on modern standard PCs, and hardware components like the DotPeening marking unit with the electrically-driven marking head with a high precision longliving tungsten carbide stylus, the separate control board and the special take-up slide device for fixing the die-tools to be marked.

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12 Jun 2012

By Wire World