Wire and Plastic Machinery Corporation of Bristol, CT is pleased to offer equipment for immediate sale just acquired from a major manufacturer in Worcester, MA, USA. Some equipment is still installed and all will be available to ship direct from current site. The following items are the highlights of the acquisition:


· Rosendahl Skin Foam Skin (45mm/30mm/18mm) High Temperature Extrusion Line, Year 2009

· Davis Standard 4.5” Extrusion Line, Accumulators, 48” Bartell Belt Caterpuller

· Watson 16” 37W (1+6+12+18) Planetary Cabling Line, Year 1999

· Dynamex 30” Single Twist Cablers (2), each with 2 Concentric Tapeheads and 2, 24” Dual Payoffs

· Dynamex 36” Single Twist Cabler Line with 24” Payoff Neutralizer, 40 position Multi Payoff, 4 position Powered Payoffs, USM Concentric Taping Head

· EJR Dual and Triple Head Taping Lines, Photoeye Tensioning

· Kinrei 560mm Double Twist Twinners, Dual Payoffs (6)

· Nanyang 16 Carrier Wire Braiders, 800mm Payoff/Takeup

· Demar Dual Head Taping Lines (4)

· TEC Dual Head Taping Line

Interested parties are invited to call (860-583-4646) or email ([email protected]) to get detailed quotations and/or to arrange onsite viewing.