Many applications involving the production of long, continuous cylindrical products pose measurement challenges. Products that cannot be well-guided, move off-axis and move out of the measurement range make it difficult for traditional Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) gauges to keep the laser on the product's surface. This results in hard-to-obtain and unreliable length and speed measurements.


NDC Releases New Revolutionary LaserSpeed Pro M Series Length & Speed Gauge for Bouncing, Unguided Moving ProductsNDC’s new LaserSpeed Pro M Series gauge from the BETA LaserMike products family solves this problem. Unlike anything on the marketplace today, the patent-pending LaserSpeed Pro M Series gauge uses a revolutionary LDV optical technique to provide the most reliable, robust length and speed measurements of small, bouncing and unguided cylindrical moving products.

From bare conductor insulated primary cable, the LaserSpeed M Series gauge enables manufacturers to effectively control product speed and process functions in the most challenging applications. Manufacturers benefit significantly by reducing product give-away, minimizing scrap, avoiding loss in productivity and downtime, and realizing other savings.

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