Exceptional offering from the wire and cable manufacturing competence leader. Maillefer is the only W&C technology supplier in the market with roots in cable manufacturing. This combined with the widest application coverage and over 4000 line deliveries has created unique competences available now for our customers via several new products. We will introduce many novelties which enhance the competitiveness and responsiveness of wire and cable manufacturers. Competence counts.

Maillefer Factory System is a qualified concept to plan and realize a greenfield factory with the lowest possible risk and cost. We are the only supplier in the global market having experience of the full delivery.

Maillefer Consultation is a new service entity that is built around the wire and cable production process. It exploits our core knowledge into individual advice and process skill improvements of wire and cable manufacturers.

More evidence of our process competence includes an antioxidant and peroxide dosing solution. Our new Smart Dosing has shown very good extrusion process stability as well as excellent peroxide and antioxidant homogeneity in insulation material. See also how our solutions for material savings lead to vast cost savings.

Aviation has its own production line now − Aviation Line TEL 25XF. We have also reached the ultra-high speed of 1000 m/min with our new Fiber Optic Cable Secondary Coating Line  OEL 40///Explore which is designed for future production efficiency.

Maillefer Plus Value Package is a whole new way to quickly match increased demand with no pre-investments in production lines. Hear also how our new Round Value Package Premium guarantees utmost roundness in high voltage cable production.

For all this and much more, be sure to visit us at booth FO/B31 at wire Russia 2017