Time at Indy the fastest way to lead your wire plant forward!  Plan to attend this dynamic event and be sure to visit our booth (#531), KEIR Manufacturing, Inc.  Visit our website (www.KEIRmfg.com) and print off a complimentary pass for Wire Expo 2014 ; pre-register online or bring it with you to the convention center and register there. 

KEIR manufactures a variety of technical engineered products and our productive solutions are focused on continuous process improvement, energy savings, and longer operating life. 

Technical Ceramics

We can duplicate most any item, making prototypes from 99.8% pure Alumina ceramic to replace parts made from metal, plastic, ceramic, or other materials.  Our proprietary production process provides the versatility to make this wide range of parts without tooling charges.   

Air Wipes

KEIR’s efficient SureShot and SplitShot air wipe designs yield exceptional drying performance using a very low volume of compressed air, and last years versus months due to the rugged ceramic inserts lining the wire path. 

Composite Flyer Bows

KEIR’s triaxially braided composite standard and BackBone bow constructions have greater durability than layered/laminated designs, allowing them to take more hits and endure higher stress equating to increased operating life and less machine downtime.  The more aerodynamic BackBone design functions at much lower power consumption and higher TPM with improved wire quality and further reduction in bow breakage.