Zumbach is now showcasing the most modern and advanced non-contact measuring technologies for dimensional measurements of all type of wire and cables.

Exciting measuring solutions for cable extrusion lines, wire drawing and rolling applications will be displayed to present state-of-the-art measurement solutions and digitalisation capabilities.

	New Spark Tester DC type designed for space-restricted applications. The new RAYEX® S XT will be in the spotlight and present an easy and simple system to simultaneously measure wall thickness, eccentricity and diameter of cable jackets.  Attractive data collection, process control and visualization capabilities combined with interface options for IoT applications make the RAYEX® S XT indispensable.

In addition, Zumbach will showcase the new wire preheater WST 2006FV that is designed to consistently preheat the wire conductor in extrusion lines for best product and process performance.

The wire preheater WST 2006FV has a very compact design, fitting into nearly every extrusion line and a customer-friendly product setting routine to simplify entering new products.

To make the visit at the Zumbach booth even more exciting, many more systems with new features and functions are presented such as:

  • Amazing software and interface solutions, fulfilling Industry 4.0 (IoT) requirements.
  • New 1, 2 and 3 axis diameter gauges of high precision, well known ODAC® series for any wire and cable. New models with special beam geometry, fault detection function and high scan rate.
  • The advanced ODEX® concentricity and diameter gauge for wire extrusion with new local display and integrated webserver capability.
  • New LSV ProSpeed length & speed gauges for down to zero speed measurement
  • Advanced KW fault detectors with new VISU-Touch local display unit
  • RAYEX® D series: ZUMBACH’s dynamic X-Ray measuring & control systems for CV lines, for wall thickness (3 layers), eccentricity and diameter/ovality measurement
  • PROFILEMASTER® series: High-end Non-contact Profile and Shape Measurement, Combining Laser and CCD Technology for shaped wire and any other profile.