People often said that this big Swede was ‘larger than life’ – and indeed he was, taking on many challenges during his 81 years. But in the end, Ulf Göran Svensson died peacefully in his sleep at 1 a.m. on Julafton (Christmas Eve), one of his favourite days of the year.

Ulf Goran SvenssonBorn August 15, 1938 in Norrköping Sweden, Ulf leaves behind his younger brother Björn (married to Ulla) in Växjö, Sweden and two nieces, Cecilia and Hanna (Matthias Linbladh). Ulf and Jennifer (née Hooke from Northern Ireland) were married in Copenhagen in 1962 and immigrated to Canada in 1974, settling in Brantford, Ontario with their three young children, Tiffany (David Knight), Nicholas (Wendy) and Louise (John Lewis).   Between 1996 and 2004, the family grew to include his five grandchildren of whom Ulf was justifiably very proud.

Ulf was an avid entrepreneurial engineer, forward thinker and early adopter of technology. In his 50’s, in the infancy of the Internet he founded as the first internet portal and news service for the wire and cable industry.   Ulf was very proud and energetic in the development and growth of Wire World over the many years he worked on the portal.   His strong knowledge of the wire business led to the development of a complete directory with clear categories in the ferrous and non-ferrous product areas.

Ulf hired Paul Douwes in 2001 and continued to work and develop the company while mentoring Paul with excellent knowledge in web-design, marketing and the core elements of the industry.   In 2012 Ulf sold the business to Paul which has now continued strongly and will continue into this new decade as a great legacy of Ulf Svensson.

For the past 17 years, Ulf wrestled valiantly with a variety of medical issues, so it was a special joy for him to celebrate his fourscore years with publishing his personal memoire in which he wrote, “I praise God for this good, exciting and privileged life. I am very blessed to have two daughters and a son, and five grandchildren, a heritage far more than I imagined as a boy in Sweden; they are my legacy”.

… on a personal note, I feel it a privilege to have experienced many years with Ulf which brought new opportunities, skills and experiences to my life.   He truly had a positive impact on my life and for that I am very grateful.   Thanks Ulf -  Paul Douwes