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Roteq Machinery specializes in the conception, design, and manufacturing of rotating equipment for the wire and cable, and umbilical industries. Since 2000, Roteq Machinery has supplied our customers with specific manufacturing solutions to enhance their productivity and product quality. From line components to complete lines, Roteq engineers to specific product and volume requirements. Stranding: As industry leaders in Double Twist and Single Twist Stranding Technology, both with and without Roll Forming, our customers enjoy the highest production throughput and the most up-to-date conductor designs to both ASTM and IEC governing specifications. Cabling: Roteq provides our customers with industry leading Double Twist and Single Twist Cabling capabilities including Drum Twisters for all product segments. Roteq S/Z Cabling Technology adds yet another dimension to our customer's capabilities. Planetary and Rigid style Cablers for Optical Fiber round out our offering. Strip Armouring: Roteq Strip Armouring lines allow our customers to fuel the growth of the building industries throughout North America. Auxiliary Equipment: Roteq provides taping heads, binder units, yarn servers, capstans, caterpullers, pay-offs and take-ups. Custom Applications: Roteq designs and manufactures custom machines for unique processes COMPANY SERVICE: Unbeatable service follows machine delivery with Roteq Commissioning. Long and productive machine life is assured through service visits and spare parts.


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