Pan Chemicals S.P.A.


Pan Chemicals production includes:DRY LUBRICANTS for: low carbon steel wire, plating quality wire, welding wire, GHQ, high carbon steel wire, drawing after galvanising and high alloyed steel. WET DRAWING LUBRICANTS: soluble lubricants, neat oils and greases. PRODUCTS FOR SURFACE TREATMENT: phosphate coatings, non reactive precoatings, precoatings for stainless steel. AUXILIARY PRODUCTS for: degreasing, surface treatment, pickling of stainless steel, special applications. Our Equipment includes; High-tech die reconditioning equipment, Mechanical descalers, Deblaster TR1 (single wheel shot blaster), In-line shot blasting machine, Rotating pressure die boxes, Shot blasters for coils, Ecological vertical payoffs, Borax-coating and drying equipment.


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wire 2020