Matching the right electron accelerator system to your wire and cable irradiation needs is our specialty. IBA Industrial is the world leader in high-efficiency, high-powered electron accelerators. IBA’s wide technology platform includes both the Dynamitron® and Rhodotron® and a full range of customized E-beam and X-ray irradiation solutions. In manufacturing, ionization using electron beams often achieves product enhancements that might have been technically or financially impossible with conventional thermo-chemistry techniques. For years, electrons have been used to crosslink the insulator material of your wires and cables. High throughput, low operating cost and the ability to participate in markets where conventional CV and Silane crosslinking cannot be used are the main advantages of this technology. IBA’s unique expertise in the design and production of high-powered electron accelerators allows the development of safe, fast, accurate, simple and environmentally friendly solutions. Flexible and easy to validate processes, short cycles and just-in-time opportunities, simply powered by electricity are amongst the benefits of an IBA solution. IBA’s irradiation solutions are aimed at a wide range of applications; including medical device sterilization, polymer enhancement (crosslinking and degradation), food pasteurization and cold-cracking of oil. In most industrial applications, these ecological solutions advantageously replace heavy chemical treatments or radioactive techniques, and avoid bioaccumulation or persistence of toxics in the environment, preserve our soils, do not produce radioactive waste, nor need recycling processes. IBA Industrial has grown to be synonymous with engineering excellence, product reliability, service and support.


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