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Room 604, Building 4, Idealism Center, No.38 Tiany Jianyang, Hebei, P.R. China, 610041

teléfono: ver teléfono86-28-8532-2171

fax: ver fax86-28-8532-2175

sitio web: http://www.china-centran.com

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221 McLin Creek Rd South Conover, North Carolina, United States, 28613

teléfono: ver teléfono1-855-295-6872

fax: ver fax1-855-295-6872

sitio web: http://www.axjoamerica.com

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Wilhelminenhofstraße 76-77 Germany, 12459

teléfono: ver teléfono+49-30 54 99 18-0

fax: ver fax+49-30 54 99 18-45

sitio web: http://www.spirka-schnellf...

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FLYMCA manufactures stranders: rigid, tubular, skips, planetarys, drum twisters and ancillary…

Pol. Ind. Morero, p. 1-23 Guarnizo, Cantabria, Spain, 39611

teléfono: ver teléfono+34-942-55-9855

fax: ver fax+34-942-55-9865

sitio web: http://www.flymca.com

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Industrieweg 21 Deurne, AA, The Netherlands, 5753

teléfono: ver teléfono+31 (0)493 329888

fax: ver fax+31 (0)493-310385

sitio web: http://www.artofil.com

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Develops and markets a wide range of cross-linkable compounds and some thermoplastic compounds for insulation and jacketing of wires and cables… for aerospace, off-shore, defence, shipboard, marine, rolling stock, raiways

Zuidergracht 12 Soest Soest , LV, The Netherlands, NL 3763LV

teléfono: ver teléfono31-35-6033-234

fax: ver fax31-35-6033-234

sitio web: http://www.inhol.com

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