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2001 Route 46, Waterview Plaza Suite 310 Parsippany, New Jersey, United States, 07054

teléfono: ver teléfono1-973-402-4098

fax: ver fax1-866-892-8724

sitio web: http://www.simpacks.com

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Develops and markets a wide range of cross-linkable compounds and some thermoplastic compounds for insulation and jacketing of wires and cables… for aerospace, off-shore, defence, shipboard, marine, rolling stock, raiways

Zuidergracht 12 Soest Soest , LV, The Netherlands, NL 3763LV

teléfono: ver teléfono31-35-6033-234

fax: ver fax31-35-6033-234

sitio web: http://www.inhol.com

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39 Hinau St Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand, 8041

teléfono: ver teléfono64-21-353-634

fax: ver fax64-3-341-6668

sitio web: http://www.inosym.com

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5360 Enterprise Blvd. Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, United States, 15102

teléfono: ver teléfono1-412-833-1662

fax: ver fax1-412-835-6474

sitio web: http://www.diequip.com

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900 First Avenue King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19406

teléfono: ver teléfono1-610-205-7929

fax: ver fax1-610-205-7497

sitio web: http://www.arkema.com

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FLYMCA manufactures stranders: rigid, tubular, skips, planetarys, drum twisters and ancillary…

Pol. Ind. Morero, p. 1-23 Guarnizo, Cantabria, Spain, 39611

teléfono: ver teléfono+34-942-55-9855

fax: ver fax+34-942-55-9865

sitio web: http://www.flymca.com

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