In spring this year, planning turned into reality after a long time: As of April, Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG will leave the facilities at Mielkendorf the company had been using since the 1970s. The new headquarters are located at Flintbek. To the finest detail, it was designed to meet the company's requirements.

The new modern, cubic building does not readily reveal its inner assets: Although the footprint has hardly changed in comparison with the old facilities, the new building offers an optimum for all departments charged with production. The short, fast paths in the new building warrant highly efficient work processes.

“Aspects such as work safety, noise emissions and fire protection were also important for us”, explains Managing Director Jörg Wadehn. “In contrast to our old facilities at Mielkendorf – we even used a former riding hall – our new building offers significant improvements in this regard.” At the new site, there are no production restrictions for the company either. Multi-shift operation, for example, would be possible.

The generously looking, two-storey building with its metallic front is not far away from Mielkendorf. As before, Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG can be easily reached via the A 215 and Hamburger Chaussee. The new building was erected in a business park freely accessible to lorries. And for most employees, the way to work does not change significantly in terms of distance or time.

“From the very beginning, we included or employees”, explains Managing Director Wolfgang Weber. “Jörg Wadehn shot pictures of each of the construction phases and shared them among the colleagues so they could inform about and familiarise themselves with the new work environment.”

Office wing, machinery and material will be transported to the new site step by step. “Although we are moving, we will remain capable of acting and deliver our customers in time”, assures Jörg Wadehn.

“Of course, planning and organising such a move requires some extra work”, states Wolfgang Weber. “But the entire workforce is eager to see the new work places, and all lend a hand in anticipation of the modern work environment awaiting them.”

After having weighed up various alternatives, the investment in the company headquarters in Flintbek was prepared long beforehand. Right before the move, Managing Directors and employees agree: It was worth the effort!