For more than 60 years, Joachim Uhing KG has been successful with linear drive technology, above all with the rolling ring drive invented by the company founder. In 1983, the RS linear drive nut was added to the product range, until now for shaft diameters from 10 to 60 millimetres. Due to frequent requests for smaller diameters, Uhing now launches the RS8 for a diameter of eight millimetres.



“The machines and plants of user companies frequently offer little space only”, explains Wolfgang Weber, Uhing’s Managing Marketing Director. “The components to use there have to be accordingly small.” This also applies to the linear drive nut, a fixed-pitch rolling ring drive reduced to its basic functions. The particular feature of this product line: it has been designed for machines – especially for measuring machines – that require zero backlash.



The delivery of the hundred thousandth unit of the RS10 designed for a shaft diameter of 10 millimetres in April 2012 indicates the high demand of smaller linear drive nuts. When more and more customers asked for even smaller units, Uhing started producing the RS8 for shafts with a diameter of eight millimetres. Its design is based on the same principle underlying the larger units: the housing is made of extruded tubular aluminium profile. Inside, wedges with the required pitch made of plastic alternating with the rolling rings are fitted. The standard pitch of the RS8 is four millimetres. Smaller pitches can be implemented upon customer's request on an individual basis. 



The RS8 can be produced with three or four rolling rings and with left-hand or right-hand pitch. The highly efficient, zero-backlash linear drive nut is vibration-proof, silent, and requires little maintenance. Depending on the weight - 90 or 110 grams – it yields a thrust force of 50 or 100 N that can be increased by combining drive nuts. With a mechanic or pneumatic release lever, the RS8 can be displaced on the shaft at almost no effort.



Being the now smallest of the Uhing linear drive nuts, the RS8 is equal to its siblings in all respects. It features zero backlash and, due to its smooth, easy to clean shaft, is perfectly suited for application in contamination-prone environments or for machines with high hygiene requirements, e.g. in the foodstuffs industry.