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Make More Wire Than Dies With Die Quip.

by wireworld on 04/16/2018 - 04:02 am

Tag: Wire Dusseldorf

The goal of making more wire per die is easily reached with a Die Quip die finishing machine.  As a global manufacturing leader, we have established a line of machines to grind, polish and size dies in a quick, efficient, accurate process eliminating operator error and guesswork.  Better dies pull more wire and cause less production problems so we have designed stand alone machines for finishing dies in all sizes, and for larger production runs we build work cells to keep maximum efficiency and eliminate downtime from size changeovers.  Our approach to a modern die shop brings huge benefits to the whole production process by implementing a workflow system that sets procedures and incorporates training to maximize each machine’s capabilities.

We have designed many extensive training options and on site consultations that teach operators how to use our equipment, choose diamond tooling for maximum results and different methods of making dies.  Our technicians will spend time in your facility designing a program customized to meet your production needs and provide reference materials such as our exclusive Die Training Handbook.

Our customer service doesn’t end with the purchase order.  We support you through installation, training and troubleshooting for the life of the machine.  At Die Quip we build relationships with our customers worldwide through a network of industry representatives that can support, translate and train in your facility.  

As the die industry changes, we are still here as a leader providing quality solutions to all of your die making questions.  We believe the key to fast, easy production lines is in the quality of the die so come improve yours today with a visit to our stand at WIRE, Dusseldorf #9/D06-1.