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Hank Moeller Joins ASACLEAN™ as New Technical Sales Representative

by wireworld on 10/05/2018 - 08:32 am

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Sun Plastech, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of ASACLEAN,™ the world’s #1 bestselling purging compounds, the manufacturer of the industry-leading commercial purging compound for thermoplastic injection molders, extruders, and blown-film processors has hired experienced process manager Hank Moeller to join as their new Technical Sales Representative. Moeller brings over a decade of processing experience to SPI and will be incredibly valuable to the growing company.

Hank Moeller Joins ASACLEAN™In this position, Mr. Moeller will be responsible for educating customers on the benefits of ASACLEAN™ purging compounds, which include faster changeovers for reduced machine downtime, as well as decreases in both rejects and scrap material. 

ASACLEAN™ purging compounds have proven effective at removing color and carbon contamination from production equipment and reducing the need for screw-pulls.  All totaled, the result is increased productivity and cost savings.