FLYMCA is one of the last European brand which is still producing all its machines in its own factory in Europe (Spain).

Therefore FLYMCA has more control to produce top class reliable equipment with many interesting features taking into account the operators remarks.  This input enables an ease in work and reduces the required maintenance making the productivity level high.

In FLYMCA they produce all type of traditional rotating machines (stranders and cablers): skip, tubular, rigid, planetary, drum twister, big pay-offs and take-ups as well as all accessories present in complete lines for production of cables.

In addition, FLYMCA is also more and more focusing on very special / customized / huge machinery for production of special cables, such as: submarine, offshore and umbilical.

Just for your information, a current project includes building a huge planetary armouring line composed of 2 stranding cages, each one of 72 bobbins dia. 800 mm DIN!

In case you have any project in rotating machinery (strander or cabler), please kindly contact them and let them know the type of equipment with technical specifications in order we could prepare our proposal because, for sure, FLYMCA is your ideal partner.