Changing spools is made easy with fast-action clamping systems for plain shafts.But how do you do this?Pictures tell more than words.For this reason, Uhing published two short on-line videos showing the Easylock fast action clamping system, and its variant, the U-Clip clamping element.

These videos show the fastening on plain shafts and some application examples.The spectator sees how easy, fast and safe handling is.He is told that both products can be operated without tools or even with one hand and independent of the direction of rotation, and that they are vibration resistant.Last but not least, he is shown that – depending on the size of the element used - the retaining force of Easylock can be up to 5000 N and that of U-Clip up to 420 N.

Fast-action Clamping Systems for Plain Shafts The close-up pictures focus on the essential:the plain shaft, the clamping element and the hand of the person operating the element.Explanations on the handling are not necessary.Keywords identifying the major product features appear in the respective scenes.

In these very demonstrative presentations the spectator can exactly see each single move – even if there's a hurry during operation.The advantages of online videos over presentations at a fair:Interested persons can view them as often as they like and show them to their colleagues in the office.

The videos are available at Astonishing how little it takes to show how to handle Easylock and U-Clip: the videos are only 90 seconds or two minutes long. This time is well spent!