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Bioenergy to invest USD 53.8m in Wind Energy Transmission Line

by wireworld on 01/10/2013 - 07:13 pm

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Brazilian renewable energy generation company Bioenergy will invest BRL 110 million (USD 53.8m/EUR 41.2m) in a transmission line that will carry the energy generated by its future 13 wind parks in northern Maranhao state.



According to a company's press release from this week, it has already received the preliminary environmental permit for the installation of the 230-kV line, which will be 240 km (149.1 miles) long.



The start of construction works is scheduled to start in 60 days, while the launch is planned for March 2014, Bioenergy said.  The company is going to contract equipment and services for the execution of Maranhao's wind ventures.



It is worth reminding that Bioenergy sold a total 201 MW of the said projects' power at the country's A-5 energy auction held in December last year. Under the tender's contract terms, energy deliveries are set to start in 2017.