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AWT Machinery To Represent Progress Maschinen Automation For Wire Mesh and Rebar Equipment

by wireworld on 09/26/2016 - 12:48 am

Tag: Press Releases

AWT Machinery is proud to announce that in July 2016, it signed an agency agreement to represent Progress Maschinen Automation, out of Brixen Italy, in the USA and Canada.   Progress Maschinen is an innovative machine building company, specializing in wire mesh and rebar equipment.  Their main focus is to design and build fully automatic setup machinery, that virtually eliminates the need for an operator.   This approach of machines that automatically change wire diameters and product dimensions and specifications without and operators intervention, means less scrap, more machine up time and the ability to run very low volumes efficiently. 

AWT Machinery To Represent Progress Maschinen Automation For Wire Mesh and Rebar EquipmentTake for example their M-System mesh welding line.   This complete line, comprises of automated straightening and cutting machines on the input side, that feed the linewire and crosswire directly into the mesh welding portal, and automated benders, trimmers and stacking systems on the output side.  With the M-System only one operator is needed to run the entire line, which would normally require 3 – 4 operators with conventional equipment.  Furthermore the operator has little to do, except visually keep an eye on the machine and replace the wire coils, that feed the straightening and cutting machines, when they are exhausted.  But, what makes the M-System truly a remarkable machine, and a game changer in the mesh business, is it’s ability to run one piece of mesh using for example ¼” wire ,and then to run a second piece, right behind the first, that is of a different wire diameter, different linewire and crosswire pitch and different overall width and length.  This all takes place seamlessly, without any operator intervention and with virtually no downtime between different parts.  Compare this to conventional mesh welding machines that can take a shift to make a part change, and you can quickly see how a Progress M-System can change your business. 

To learn more visit www.progress-m.com or contact Scott Liebenberg or Clive White at AWT Machinery.  (815) 315-4260 www.awtmach.com