For Automotive Wire production Rosendahl has developed a low-scrap solution for color-changing processes with stripes, skin and layer. Just-in-time and as fast as you need!

Their trick is to use only a small volume of melt during color change, which results in the shortest scrap length. All bypasses are integrated into the ROCOMAT system. There is no need for separate units to assemble and disassemble. Just-in-time manufacturing has become an easy and workable task and there is no need to save costly ready-sale stock any more. 

Their ROEX extrusion technology with either the ROCOMAT or the new RX 5 crosshead, combined with the RIO line control system makes modern manufacturing smart, trackable and low in scrap. The connection to your ERP-System/MES-System is another great way of leveraging your smart production.

The system contains fine-tuned hardware and software components which allow the shortest production lengths and smallest batch sizes. The optional color detecting system is an additional quality-monitoring tool which is integrated into the line. 

At a speed of 1,500 m/min the wire is both produced and dried before take-up.