The success story began in Dresden seven decades ago: In 1943, Joachim Uhing founded an engineering office on the headwaters of the river Elbe. By doing so, he laid the cornerstone for an enterprise that, based at Schleswig-Holstein later, should help companies all over the world in manufacturing their products with a continual stream of new inventions.

Uhing, born at Kattowitz, was above all interested in market niches. One of the first major innovations presented by Uhing resulted from the close cooperation with knitting machine manufacturers. Incited by their enquiries for means to automate the manual traversing movements of the knitting carriage, he hit on an idea that was to make his international breakthrough in 1952: he devised a housing with rolling rings travelling on a plain shaft at a variable pitch angle. The rolling ring drive had been invented. Since then, it has been used in a multitude of industrial applications, above all where wires, cables and ribbon-like material must be wound on spools.

Joachim UhingTechnical innovations such as the drive nut - a positively linked linear drive without internal reverse mechanism - or the tensioning and clamping elements for locking spools or the like on plain shafts followed. Having gained its renown as a manufacturer or purely mechanic products, the company started offering electronic accessories for rolling ring drives in 1998 that help improving the traversing systems' degree of automation.

Some 60 employees are working at the company headquarters that were relocated to Mielkendorf near Kiel in 1973. In the light of these figures, the company is none of the big manufacturers. Known for the outstanding quality of its products, the company nevertheless consistently established a sales network across all continents. In 1968, the first agency was established in the US. In the mid-1980s, sales agencies in Asia, Australia and Africa were added. In Europe, Uhing representatives can be found in all cardinal directions – from France to Russia, and from Norway to Greece.

Joachim Uhing GmbH will celebrate its anniversary year in line with the company founder who deceased more than 2 decades ago: unspectacular in terms of society, but with yet another technological innovation. For the first time ever, the company only recently implemented a combination of classical drive and electronic control with the controlled rolling ring drive and the RS Water Study.